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Case study

Victorian Government – Fire Season Campaign

Arguably Victoria’s most successful social marketing campaign, Quantum has worked with the Victorian Government since Black Saturday to encourage Victorians to stay safe during periods of high fire danger. Research over the last decade has both informed and evaluated the Victorian Fire Season campaigns, in encouraging Victorians to be better prepared against the threat of bushfire and grassfire to minimise injury and loss of life.

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Case study

Development Victoria – Affordable Housing

Housing affordability continues to be an area of concern in Victoria. Development Victoria (DV) has a portfolio of development projects that have the potential to provide ‘affordable’ and ‘diverse’ housing. In this project, Quantum examined community perceptions, needs and priorities to help inform solutions that work for the broader community while delivering on housing needs.

Case study

NAB – Agribusiness CVP

Agriculture is one of Australia’s most important sectors. Today, farmers are facing a multitude of changes and pressures and as such they have unique business and banking needs. Quantum explored the needs and pressures of Australian agribusinesses to help inform the development of an updated NAB Agribusiness Customer Value Proposition.

Case study

Worksafe – Agriculture Safety Culture Change

The success of any safety initiative is dependent on industry receptiveness. As such, WorkSafe’s overarching ambition was to move to an industry-wide culture that values and prioritises health and safety. Quantum conducted foundational understanding research, informed a campaign strategy, and established a culture change monitor to evaluate how on-farm culture changed over time.

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Case study

Department of Transport – Transport Attitudes and Behaviours

Understanding attitudes to use of public transport in Victoria shapes how the Department services and communicates with Victorians. Providing a holistic view of transport in Victoria including roads we provide understanding as to how different segments can be nudged to use public or active transport.

Case study

Mount Buller – Customer Segmentation

Well established as Victoria’s most popular winter resort, Mount Buller sought to attract a greater share of the highest value snow visitors. Utilising a bespoke segmentation, Quantum derived the size and spend of different snow visitor types, as well as the drivers and levers Mount Buller could use to attract the highest value targets.

Case study

Sovereign Hill – Masterplan Co-creation

Quantum was proud to be recognised as a key contributor to Sovereign Hill’s 20-year masterplan. Announced on the eve of their 50 th anniversary, the masterplan represented a $10m capital delivery for the iconic Victorian attraction. Our research contributions included landscaping of the Victorian attraction visitor market, segmentation, and forecasting the potential of new investment concepts.

Case study

Telstra – Product Optimisation

Telstra has been supporting enterprise customers to unify their desk phone and mobile. Telstra planned to expand the product to small and medium businesses. Our research provided Telstra a comprehensive understanding of small and medium businesses’ mobility needs and what the requirements for a successful product launch.

Case study

Water Services Association of Australia – Trust in Water

Trust in our organisations has been in decline. To support and drive the right initiatives in the Australian water industry, building resilience in the trust of the urban water sector, WSAA required data driven insights. Using Structured Equation Modelling, the research identified the antecedents that drive trust in water providers, and trust in the water industry overall.

Case study

Yarra Valley Water – Customer Experience Tracking

The value of customer experience tracking goes beyond measuring customer satisfaction and perceptions. Quantum has been supporting Yarra Valley Water since 2017 with a voice-of-customer program which delivers data driven insights to provide outcome focused actions for the organisation, including shaping services, processes and communications.

Case study

Bupa – Dental Proposition Development

An opportunity existed for Bupa to create a second dental brand to deliver scale of networked benefits and attract customers. Research identified and built a Customer Value Proposition to target the dental customer base, including the role that brand may play in communicating the proposition. Mint*d was created to bring a fresh energy to something people typically hate doing.

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Case study

The Treasury – Point of Sale Exemption Removal

Quantum assessed the impact on businesses of removing the POS credit exemption, revealing how businesses were likely to respond and what broader economic impacts may occur as a result of this Financial Service Royal Commission recommendation. Models were developed for each industry, estimating both the direct and indirect economic impacts the removal would have.

Case study

National Faster Rail Authority – Improving Regional Connectivity

An understanding of consumer preferences was required to aid regional transport planning and policy. Quantitative choice modelling coupled with qualitative insights were instrumental in informing the development of enhanced transport and land use models, to more accurately predict spatial changes.

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Case study

Department of Health – Responding to Dust Diseases

Australia has seen a devastating trend of accelerated silicosis. Determining awareness, understanding and behaviours in relation to dust diseases has been central to informing the Federal Governments taskforce set-up to address these challenges in Australia.

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