We are people people

People are our ’thing’, and this carries over to Quantum’s culture and our client relationships. It means we’re a pretty nice bunch to work with, who also happen to be great at their jobs.


We bring clients on the insights journey with us. Our team of specialists are mostly in house, creating a collaborative, exciting environment to share knowledge and spark ideas. Simply, working together means stronger outcomes.

Best in class senior researchers

We are a true consultancy. We never paint by numbers, but give tailored solutions to every brief. A melting pot of backgrounds (behavioural and social sciences, communications, branding, advertising, marketing, and psychology to name a few) brings different perspectives and diverse thinking.

True research hybrids

We believe the best work happens holistically, not in silos. Setting Quantum apart, all of our researchers are dualists in both qual and quant. They are specialists in providing context to the data, always keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Meet the team
Meet the team

"Our people are naturally curious and thrive on helping our clients solve unique problems."

Imogen Randell , CEO

Meet the team

"My passion lies in helping our clients make the best possible decisions."

Richard Frost , Managing Director

Meet the team

"Through my innate curiosity, I thrive on helping our clients solve complex and challenging business issues."

Johanna Grieve , Managing Partner

Meet the team

"Whether it is structural equation modelling or simple regression modelling, it's about helping clients get beyond the obvious."

Sharon Morris , Director of Advanced Methods

Meet the team

"I cut through the noise to find the singularity that will create success."

Tom Leslie , Research Director

Meet the team

"I bring the customer voice to the boardroom, advising clients to help them make business decisions grounded in solid evidence."

Anita Ganguly , Research Director

Meet the team

“I’m passionate about good research design, optimising quality outcomes and the experience of research participants.”

Anne-Marie Gut , Associate Director

Meet the team

"I turned being the annoying kid asking ‘why’ into a career and love it!"

Pippa Moss , Associate Director

Meet the team

“Providing the voice of the customer to help inform business decisions is a fulfilling privilege.”

Mary Evans , Associate Director

Meet the team

“The more you know the better you can act.”

Mary Harvey-Collings , Senior Project Consultant

Meet the team

“I inform real change through quality research, genuine collaboration and deep understanding.”

Meg Young , Senior Project Consultant

Meet the team

”It’s simply about understanding people … that’s how we help our clients make better decisions”

Chrisha von Arnim , Senior Project Consultant

Meet the team

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

Anastasia Spratt , Project Consultant

Meet the team

“I’m passionate about digging deeper to uncover hidden insights.”

Vanessa Ernst , Project Consultant

Meet the team

"I thrive on putting the structure around the creativity, to allow the researchers to focus on what they do best."

Olivia Frires , Operations Manager

Meet the team

"I can find a needle in a haystack."

Imogen Swaney , Qualitative Fieldwork Manager

Meet the team

"Pushing survey technology to capture and deliver data quality."

Akansha Yadav , Digital Data Analyst

Meet the team

"Using best practice human centered design principles to maximise survey engagement."

Gurinder Badesha , Data Analyst

Meet the team

"Coding of verbatim is a skill that requires a perfect blend of art and science to capture the essence of a response."

Melanie David , Coding & Data Entry Coordiator

Meet the team

"As a coder of over twenty years I get a window into the lives of all types if Australians and observe cultural shifting at a macro scale."

Rachel Wardlaw , Fieldwork/Coding & Data Entry Coordinator

Meet the team

"As a coder, it is a privilege to read people's thoughts and opinions first hand and an obligation to ensure that these sentiments are accurately conveyed."

Brigid Pitney , Coding Coordinator

Meet the team

"It's about pushing your comfort zone and helping the team thrive."

Juste Zareckaite , Accountant

Meet the team

"I focus on the solution, not on the problem."

Anastacia Ryjenkova , Team Coordinator - Qualitative Recruitment

Meet the team

"Using data science to ensure fast and effortless data delivery."

Gevorg Ordyan , Data Analyst

Meet the team

"Living life like Accounting, everything must balance!"

Hady Khafaga , Assistant Accountant

Meet the team

“I like to use technology with a human interface, to get good quality data for the best insights.”

Manish Kher , Director - Data Services

Meet the team

“Data is meaningless without a story. Every great story begins with a great script."

Gil Dayao , Senior Data Analyst

Our Commitment

We believe in the power of a diverse team to create stronger work, and will continue to learn, and grow the business to honour that belief.

We promise to show up, and keep striving for stronger understanding, more knowledge, a better solution. We’ll always go the extra yard, because we want to. Insights, and work in general, should be fascinating and fun.

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Our Office

A space to share ideas

Our workspace is designed to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, while staying safe in a post-Covid world. The space both reflects and enables our culture and way of working, plus is just generally nice to spend time in. Come and say hello.


The number one asset in any business is its people.

Our mission

Quantum is an agency filled with people who want to make things better. Better design, better products, better services. We strive to work with like-minded people, using insights to help them win in business and government. Let’s harness the power of qual and quant to create a safer, more prosperous world.