Specialising in understanding

Our work arms clients with knowledge and understanding about people. It shapes policy, influences advertising, and is the backbone behind the products and services people use every day. Quantum insights drive innovation and agile thinking, so we can make stronger, more robust decisions.

A human approach to data

By blending people and culture with data and technology, we get under the skin of Australians now - and for the next ten years. We dig deep to understand the problem our clients need to solve. Approaching every brief differently is our byword, but the foundation stays distinctly Quantum.


Working together delivers better work. We’ve been tracking one client’s brand for over 30 years, and it’s through these longstanding relationships we can truly live the business challenges people are facing. Our team of specialists are mostly in house, creating a collaborative, exciting environment to share knowledge and spark ideas.


Interesting problems are our thing, and we’re not afraid to take on a challenge. We live to understand people and dig into what makes them tick. This passion shows up in our work, our commitment to clients, and our drive to shape a better world.


All our consultants straddle both qualitative and quantitative, giving us a rare, holistic approach to problem-solving and analysis. Each is an expert in their field, and truly outstanding at what they do. Our 25 year running trends surveys are the only of their kind in Australia, giving us a unique edge and broader understanding of our cultural landscape.

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Let’s go digging together.

Our History

Founded in 1969 by George Camakaris, Quantum is one of Melbourne’s longest standing research agencies. The agency was founded on the principle of doing the right thing by people. George was well connected, formed strong relationships and liked to work with his mates. He evoked loyalty in the people who worked with him and for him.

On 5 December Gough Whitlam became Australia’s 21st Prime Minister, and the Australian Labor Party (ALP) formed its first government in 23 years. The new government proved to be resolutely reformist and enacted an unprecedented amount of legislation that would do much to create a new Australian identity for the next decades.

The Sex Discrimination Act was a largely successful attempt to ensure that women had the same access to jobs, services and accommodation as men. The Act coincided with a defining moment in Australia’s social development. Australia was finally poised for progressive social change.

A collaboration with a USA based firm, DYG, AustraliaSCAN began as a way to understand culture and track how it changes over time and was designed to be cross-culturally comparable. Its DNA was the need to understand what really matters to people at a macro perspective. It was established by social scientists and anthropologists and addressed both crucial values (family, economic, political, lifestyle, morals) and emerging issues (work, gender, sexuality etc.).

At a time when it was difficult to source cultural data on each market, Quantum launched SCAN in two markets to be able to compare and contrast the cultural values of consumers with our own and the USA. It was an excellent way to understand the areas that unite and divide us as nations, just as globalisation was gaining traction.

China was rapidly evolving and was clearly becoming a market of interest to Australian organisations and government. Having a baseline available from 1994, we captured how the country was shifting socially and brands such as Coca Cola and Cadbury sought to understand more about the market.

A collaboration with Dolly Magazine to know more about what matters to Australian youth (10 to 17 years), complete with sealed section to understand attitudes and behaviours to sex, alcohol and drugs. YouthSCAN ran every second year for over a decade and was a single source of data on Australian youth and their values. It was last run in 2009.

Quantum becomes part of the Clemenger Group of companies providing market leading technology solutions and knowledge across an ecosystem of 25+ agencies.

As internet penetration increases robust, representative and reliable samples of audiences can be obtained. Online surveying becomes a more cost and time effective surveying mechanism and opens the opportunity to new and innovative questioning and analytical techniques.

The amendment of the federal Marriage Act on 9 December 2017 gave same-sex couples the same right to marry as heterosexual couples. It was the culmination of decades of campaigning by the LGBTQIA+ community and their supporters. The passing of the Bill in the House of Representatives was seen as a watershed moment for equal rights in Australia.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Quantum quickly began a continuous social values tracker to keep business and government informed of the rapidly evolving environment. It has evolved to a trusted source of information guiding decisions across the country and supplements our longer range cultural trends data.

Understanding people is an evolution, not an end game.

Our mission

Quantum is an agency filled with people who want to make things better. Better design, better products, better services. We strive to work with like-minded people, using insights to help them win in business and government. Let’s harness the power of qual and quant to create a safer, more prosperous world.