Agriculture remains one of the state’s most dangerous industries, with 24 people dying as a result of on-farm workplace incidents in the past three years. WorkSafe has partnered with Quantum over the last three years, to engage this unique sector and create positive culture change when it comes to workplace safety.

A deep understanding of the sector to inform strategy

In 2019, Quantum undertook a foundational study to understand the sector and drivers and barriers to workplace safety. Using behaviour change theory and Quantum’s own culture change model, our work identified four possible territories for the basis of a strategy to engage the sector and change mindset around safety. This foundational study has become a cornerstone for the WorkSafe ag team.

The development of a campaign

Working closely with WorkSafe and their creative agency, in 2020, Quantum tested a number of possible directions for engaging farmers in the topic of safety, helping to shape the “It’s never you until it is” communication campaign.

Interventions and support materials

Supporting the communications campaign, Quantum worked alongside WorkSafe to test on-farm materials and interventions, including a longitudinal pilot study. This study informed both the pilot project itself, but also more broadly, it helped identify effective and more collaborative ways to work with the sector to develop and test programs.

Culture change is a journey

Understanding that culture change is a journey with a number of influences, Quantum used behaviour change and culture change principles to establish an evaluation approach. This has helped WorkSafe identify the positive incremental changes happening across diverse fronts, from perceptions of risk to perceptions of WorkSafe, in addition to direct action change.

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