Over recent years, Bupa has transitioned from a financial service provider in the health insurance category to become a major player in the delivery of health services across Australia.

Quantum has previously supported the development of a value proposition in dental, optical, telehealth and aged care settings. In parallel, we were able to use the following techniques to inspire Bupa to achieve a master-brand shift from health insurance provider to health care partner.

Bupa Dental seeks to continually innovate their funding model. Therefore, we leveraged our extensive expertise to ensure our initial round of ideation research provided Bupa with the foundation for concept development. This resulted in a series of novel opportunities in dental service design and delivery.

Customer understanding is the foundation to any successful strategic development strategy. In 2021, Quantum developed personas which reflect the five primary types of health insurance customers. These personas, adopted across the health insurance business, inform every element in Bupa’s go-to-market strategy from service design to marketing and communications.

Quantum produced a series of high-quality videos highlighting customers describing their health insurance journeys. This content has become an important method of communicating crucial pain-points and their solutions to Bupa management at every level, from front-line service to senior executives. We have since built on the success of this video content to deepen our connection with the public by hosting a range of in-person sessions designed to focus the organisation on their customer-first approach.

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